Yes this is concerning the awesome mid-credits spoiler video in Venom. Do not read this unless you have already watched Venom or just don’t care. Let’s get right to it. Marvel have possibly released the best end credit video yet, with appearance of the epic actor Woody Harrelson who is known for his classic role in Natural Born Killers (1994) and his more recent comedic role in Zombieland (2009). I could go on for ever about the great films he’s starred in but I digress.

Eddie Brock goes back into journalism which has led him into interviewing the famous serial killer –  Cletus Kasady. As he approaches Kasady says they should skip the formalities; revealing a frightening grin. He looks like Psycho Bob from the Simpsons if you made him real. Kasady ends with, “There will be carnage.” This opens up a whole new can-of-juicy-worms. He’s obviously implying that he is going to release ‘Carnage‘ the supervillain symbiote when he busts out of prison.

After a series of of villains in the Marvel film universe that are often at the butt-end of jokes (think of Loki) we are finally getting are very own dark villain that might even contest with DC’s ongoing love of the Joker. It looks like there will be Spiderman tie-ins but wouldn’t it be great if these new characters get screen time in a new Avengers film too? Unlikely sure, but I would never rule it out.


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