Allied (2016)

Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War | 124 min

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There’s something daring about WWII films that try to balance action with romance. Allied doesn’t only balance these two elements effortlessly, it does so with an exuberant sense of style. Wide-eyed viewing of the two stars is matched with high-strung tension.

Intelligence Officer, Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) is headed over to French Morocco on a mission to assassinate a German Ambassador. Marianne
Beausejour (Marion Cotillard) is a French Resistance fighter who works hard to maintain the illusion that she is married to Max using her natural charm and quick-witted intelligence. It is immediately apparent that the two stars are quickly tangled in a web of attraction for each other. In the process of their mission, they fall for each other in picturesque fashion.

But don’t let the romance fool you, within the first few scenes we are
thrown straight into the action. The plot is unravelled in moments of action and tension that keeps a relenting pace throughout. After the assassination, the couple flees to London where the tale takes a nice turn as they marry and give birth to a baby girl. The blissful domestication doesn’t last long though, and things take turn for the worse when Max is told by Special Operations that his wife, may well be a German spy. Evidence suggests that the real Marianne was killed two years prior but Max refuses to believe this new information. What makes matters worse is that, if she is found to be a spy, he has been ordered to kill her, and refusing to do so will lead to his own treason and death.

Despite there being some scratching heads over the dynamic plot, it is mostly played out with such sweeping grandiose of internal struggle that we can forget about any small hiccups. Brad Pitt just about pulls
off his performance as Max but there are times when the acting can seem a little flat. Marion Cotillard, on the other hand, plays her character incredibly well, making us second guess our self every time she is on the
screen as to if she really is a German spy or not.

Director, Robert Zemeckis has made a 21st Century film with an old classic Hollywood feel so that the two constantly feel entwined. We are left with a film that oozes charisma and gives us a hefty punch of action that is mixed in with so many other elements it should be applauded for that alone.


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Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller, War

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