Bao (2018)

Animation, Short, Family, Fantasy | 8 min

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Set in Toronto, Canada, a Canadian Chinese woman is aging and lonely. She lives with her husband who in the opening shot scoffs down the breakfast she has made before rushing out the door. With a chopstick, she attempts to eat a dumpling from her own bowl when suddenly the little fella is crying and sneezing. In amazement – her eyes widen. This could be her second chance. Suffering from the empty nest syndrome she takes the cute little dumpling into her care.

The setting in this film is wonderful, vibrant and tasteful. The imagery evokes a lovely homely feel along with the fresh colors of orientals. The little details like the tinfoil on the burners have sparked many fond memories in lots of Asian Canadians that have watched this film. Its these little details that make this short very unique and personal whilst communicating many universal themes.

It turns out that the dumpling is a metaphor for her own child who grows up placing little importance on his cultural heritage and never really accepts all the love that his mother tries to give. But as this twist is revealed we see the son returning home when is older and married. He tries to gift her a Chinese treat. One that he turned down as a child. The eventual reconciliation will bring many tears to form in eyes.



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Animation, Short, Family, Fantasy

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