Howl (2015)

Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | 89 min

Our Review

It’s time to do an indie film for a change, and what better than to celebrate with a monster film, a very British one. It is directed by Paul Hyett starring Ed Speleers who is no stranger filming with wolves.

The story follows a young ‘chap’ who is down on his luck after failing to get a promotion at a job he clearly doesn’t even enjoy all that much. Just as he is about to head home for the day things get worse: he’s got to do a double shift, sounds like fun. He begins another shift with his fair share of irritable customers, his only relief being in the form of a co-worker, Ellen (Holly Weston) who is the tea-trolley girl. But even she doesn’t seem to be interested in him, as she politely declines his offer to go for a drink after work.

But the mundane abruptly ends as the first disaster of the film strikes: the train has stopped – something caught in the lines. After this, we follow the standard horror procedure into an ever increasingly desperate and hopeless situation. Train staff and customers both battle it out for their voices to be heard as each unique personality affects the group dynamics as a whole.

Without giving too much away, this film does essentially live up to what it was intended for. There’s some scares, a lot of over-the-top violence and some suspenseful scenes to keep you on the edge. Despite this, the film suffers from its predictable plot which is often made worse by questionable acting. Howl is a cheap thrill ride to the end. But it does so completely unashamed, with just enough thrills to keep it entertaining, despite its low-budget. Anyway, I better go, I feel a full-moon coming on…


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