Malevolent (2018)

Horror | 89 min

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Netflix has just released a gang of horror films this October. With these titles came Malevolent – a low budget horror. It seems they are attempting to attract a darker audience. But will viewers fall into the terrible clutches of online film dominance?

Aside from the bigger hits such Annihilation and The Cloverfield Paradox comes a quirky film that’s set in 1980s Glasgow. Unfortunately, the lead characters are an American duo united by blood. Angela and Jackson are the typical sister and brother. They squabble in almost every scene. It becomes too predictable and cliche.

It all starts with their fake-ghost busting team that preys on unfortunate people haunted by lost-lived ones. This poses interesting moral questions. Questions that could have been explored but are ultimately ignored.

Later, the team receive a mysterious call from a distressed women haunted by her three children that were murdered by her husband. This is when everything goes chillingly wrong. As the team begin there usual act of trickery they are soon suspected of being fakes. Instead of continuing the jump-scare cliche the action ascends into a dangerous game of psycho-torture. The decision to move the story into this kind of violence is a good choice. The ‘fake’ ghosts were never going to provide solid entertainment. In-fact their role in this film is so underdeveloped its laughable. The ghosts in this story are at best a plot device. The action is alright, being somewhat unpredictable.

The film as a whole is Netflix’s way of releasing a bulk of films for Octobers horror-fest. I am starting to feel like their output of mediocre films is going to disappoint subscribers. I’m sure one well-thought out film with a high-budget is better than five okays. Which is what Malevolent is; an okay horror. One which at the ending – the viewer will either yawn or grumble. If you have the time and money; a much better option this October would be to watch the thrilling Halloween.


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