Passengers (2016)

Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller | 116 min

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With an irresistible premise, Passengers had plenty of promise in the

first act that unfortunately fell short in the final. With stars like Chris

Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, you know you are in good hands as they

travel through time and space. Visually this film it was compelling

without being too forceful and the score by Thomas Newman is

definitely something worth re-visiting.


Avalon is a starship that is on a 120-year journey to Homestead II with

5,000 passengers on board, sleeping soundly in their hibernation pods.

However, one man wakes up. That man is mechanical engineer, Jim

Preston (Chris Pratt). He is an average kind of character that now has

to face the possibility of spending an entirety of his lifetime stuck on

a ship travelling through space. So like any of us would do after trying

to enjoy what’s left of his hollow life would do: go a bit mad. This is

even after befriending an android barman named Arthur (played

exceptionally well by Michael Sheen) who is full of witty quips to

resolve Mr Preston’s hopelessly depressive situation.


About to launch himself into the void in a drunken, suicidal state, Jim

happens to stumble upon a starkly beautiful woman named Aurora

(Jennifer Lawrence) who is blissfully ignorant inside her hibernation

pod. Jim, clad in his boxers, stops to fixate rather creepily at her. He

decides to go through her files in full swing-stalker mode. After a moral

debate with himself, he goes and wakes her up, obviously. It’s hard to

not feel sorry for Aurora who has just woken up to her doomed fate

with a man that’s eagerly awaiting for her. It’s not that Jim is a complete

psychopath, but let’s face it, we wouldn’t want to spend an eternity

with him either. Maybe they should have cast Ryan Gosling instead.


What’s left is a rushed third act in which the only action happens far too

quickly. It is a clumsy conclusion that ends in a complete juxtaposition

with the overall feel ofthe film. This could have worked, but in this case

it didn’t. Yes, the visuals are pretty to look at, and for a time we enjoyed

the two stars company on stage, but there isn’t anything left to go by. By

far one of the more aesthetically pleasing films this year but also one of

the most disappointing.


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Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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